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Seems to me that there might be a better approach for those that are creating setting or game-specific custom categories, especially for settings or rule sets that won't be in the Content Market at the beginning.

Create a new Realm, name it for the setting or game, and create your custom categories in it. (As stated above, edited copies of the built-in categories, not edits of the originals).

Export that structure.

Then for every campaign that uses those categories, you import that structure.

If you have further custom categories for that setting or game structure as you create more, you can update your structure Realm, export again and re-import.

If I understand the work that Rob and folks have been doing on export and import, RW will do the re-import, but won't mess with the first import as it does recognize the source of the import. No duplicates, just adding the changed content. Does that work for additional snippets within the structure realm's original categories?

Anyway, this way others could benefit if you shared the Realm structure, and they could even update their import if you change the shared structure export.

As time goes by, RW should be more and more useful if more content is shared by the community.
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