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For the game I'm working with (Battletech). There is a standard planetary data block used in published sourcebooks for planetary descriptions.

For example:
Noble Ruler:
Star Type (Recharge Time):
Position in System:

Since I don't want to have to create a new snippet for each of these every time I add a world (Planetary Body) to RW, which way should I go?

1. Unprotect and edit the default "Planetary Body" category adding these "standard" fields.
2. Create a copy of the "Planetary Body" and edit that?

I'm not sure if one or the other approach will be more painful when it comes to importing things from the content market?
What about ease of use in RW? Does having two cause clutter? Ease of use issues?

I was thinking of creating a copy, and naming it "World" or something to set it aside from the remaining default "Planetary Body". That way I could know at a glance which was which. Seems kind of strange to leave the original "Planetary Body" hanging around though.
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