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Hi all

v1.8 is now available, updating information below:

WARNING: Please note that due to behind the scene changes in the German list to improve how it works this may break some saved lists. Also due to behind the scene changes in how the downloadable lists are managed in preparation for the Armies of Japan and Armies of France/Allies then any saved lists for the downloadable “Armies of” may break. If you get an error message saying missing rulesets then click “OK” and load the saved roster then resave it and it will work

In this release: Armies of Russia, Armies of Italy.
Bug Fixes: Cost of AoGB Cromwell, Light AT gun shots listing, Bren carrier AoGB showing MMG, British sniper team not showing at Normandy.
Updates: more unit images, improved error feedback, better handling for historical lists, better handling on using Force Guides, better handling of variant vehicles, changed handling of download lists

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