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Hi all!

Iím playing around with a new system and have a couple of questions Regarding skills and gizmos.

Situation: Some Skills in this system have subskills that apply to the skill. Of these subskills, each time the skill is taken, one, and only one, subskill may be taken for that version of the skill.

For example, the skill Driving has the subskills Motorcycle and Semi. The first time Driving is taken as a skill, either Motorcycle or Semi has to be chosen (Semi in this case). The end result Driving (Semi) is considered one skill with a separate rank from Driving (Motorcycle).

Conundrum: As Iíve got this set up with the Skill having a gizmo to contain the subskill this works fine right now. However, I run into an issue in the design, and thus my questions:

1) Is there a way to limit each gizmo to only containing 1 subskill? Or would I have to script a validate check to determine that?

2) This one is the key to my design issue. As I understand it, itís not possible to bootstrap (in this case) a Skill with a specific Subskill at the same time. So, if I had an ability that gave me skill with a Motorcycle I couldnít bootstrap Driving with Motorcycle specifically in the Gizmo already, correct?

Is there a way around this or do I just make the skills Ďpresetí with subskills (I.e. two separate Skill entries in this case so that I could bootstrap individual ones...)

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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