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Here's my conundrum:
Unit X has an option for 6 models @ 4 pts total
10 models @ 6 pts total

So, I set the cost to 0.6 pts and Size: Min-6 Max-10 Start-6 Incr-4
I also set the Text Cost-4/6 for display purposes.

What I get is the starting unit size Cost=3.6, I go to the max unit size and Cost=6. Is there a way to get at the Cost and do a rounding using something like the Unit Stat tab and the Finalize or Calc button?

I know I've worked around this problem before in the AT-43 files I've been working on. But, it's a bit messy. I use a set of options and a min/max tag. I was hoping to find a better way though.

Thanks for the help guys!

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