Thread: M&M 3rd ed. Modifying the Grab attack
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Originally Posted by leokhorn View Post
That said, mysteriously, copying the Limited to Lifting flaw as is does not reproduce its behavior. It still adds the Strength as if there was no limitation. Is the flaw dealt with as a special case?
Very belated, yes, this is something baked in.

~ Apply our bonus to the chosen attribute - if we're limited to lifting,
~ apply any limit from that
var v_mod as number
v_mod = bonus
if (gizmo.pickcount[pfEnhLimLf] <> 0) then
v_mod -= gizmo.child[pfEnhLimLf].field[pwmRankUsr].value
v_mod = maximum(v_mod, 0)
call ApplyPwEff
I'm not 100% which script this is (it was found by trolling the data.hlz file) and if it's able to be overridden.
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