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When I am building a world for the campaign I start top down, starting with a first topic for world itself, like Telon, then the regions, then the land masses get a topic, then the territories or however your world is divided along the lines of the people to their individual locations.

So think Earth>North America>Canada>Ontario>Ottawa> / or Telon>Thestra>Eastern Thestra>Vault of Heroes>Tahean's Vengeance

Reason I do this first is purely self organization. It doesn't have to go to the top, but I work down creating what divides the people to the people itself. By doing this as you work, you actually build your world around the area you are working on, and can flesh it out after. So adding a dungeon or town? work down topic by topic.!Am6WTspe-kS-hKt2...vSJTw?e=f1wSQA

Now as an example you see I have not filled out the trading post, but I collect info and add it as I go to what I refer to as my "stickynote snippets", eventually it will be time to fill out the details in depth, and I will work from those notes.

This is what makes RW so easy to work with, create and update/cut/paste/move/copy as you go.

Bottom line you can't make a mistake, you just create topics that need attention at a later date.

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