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Start anywhere... that's a topic.
You can move it, if you want it somewhere else later.

Add another topic down the road.
Maybe it's a place or a creature or a rule system that something else can reference.

The more you add, the more is snowballs.

Anything can reference anything else.


When you do enter a topic, use the Manage Names hotkey (Control + Shift + A).
Set the topic to be Case Sensitive.

Generally that works best if there are two or more words as the topic name.
With the first letter of each capitalized.

You can enter alternate names by which the topic may be known.
Generally make those case sensitive too.
You can set what the plural is for your topic.

You can also check for the alternate names to not be populated within the menus on the side.
That will reduce clutter if you end up with sixty cities, many with 1-3 alternate names.
The alternate names are still associated, but they aren't displayed.

You can also check the box for the name to automatically link to the topic.
So you won't get the popup asking if you'd like to link to it.

Good options to use from the get go.
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