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I've not used this, but it seemed really useful so I saved it:

I currently have 4 realm templates.

Blank - Completely empty. ALL default categories/tags are disabled or deleted.
Structure - This contains all the categories/tags all my realms use. I don't use any of the defaults.
Gamesystem - This contains all the game specific categories/tags my realms use, PLUS the import from Structure.
World - This contains all the world lore etc. that all my realms use, PLUS the import from Structure.

When I want to create a new realm, I first COPY the blank realm.
Next I open that realm, and import a STRUCTURE-ONLY export from the Structure realm.
Then I import a FULL export from the World and/or PF2 realms.

ALL imports require using advanced options and checking the boxes for OVERWRITE conflicts.

ALL exports have "preserve ownership" checked. This is super important.

If you try to create any topics in the totally blank realm RW WILL CRASH. Make sure you have some sort of category for every possible section.

If I make a change to any of the template realms and re-export, all my changes easily import to my active realm.

Partway through creating a realm, I realized I needed another snippet in a category. I saved and synced my current realm, switch to the Structure realm, and made my change. Exported preserving ownership, imported to my current realm overwriting conflicts, and the category now has the additional snippet. Any previously created topics require a resync or manual add to get the new snippet, but all newly created topics afterwards have it.

It took quite a bit of trial and error to get this all to work, but it was well worth the effort.
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