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Dear Rob,

Even though LWD will no longer support RW, I believe many users will continue to use RW and would like to have access to the CM. Since the CM has been set up to link with our Paizo account for realm purchases, I propose that you allow users to post the realms they create to the CM for others to download for free. The realms that are copyright by Paizo and other companies would still require proof that the PDF was purchased, which is already in place.

There are a lot of us who will continue to use RW, and many of those users aren't interested in entering all the information of a module or sourcebook. On the other hand, there are a lot who have already done so and will continue to do so. Why not allow us to share the realms in the CM, which is already set up to ensure the PDF version was purchased?

I believe that offering the users the CM to share their realms will help encourage those who already have RW to continue using it. It may even bring in more customers to purchase RW so they too can have access to the CM.

Please consider this proposal. You and your LWD team invested a lot in RW as well as those who purchased the program. It's an excellent tool for GMs, so I would hate to see all of our investments wither away.

Thank you.
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