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I would think it would be a rules subset that one would have to select when first creating an army. Maybe an option for game type or special rules. I think people will want to play without the end times settings if they so choose, of course this all may be moot when 9th ed rolls out next year. Maybe 9th will use end times settings as standard army allowances. We will have to wait and see.
Would it be possible to duplicate the 8th ed files into a new batch of files and call it 8th ed End times and then just set up the allowances that way instead of having to write new code for an army option? IE a new AB datafile download that you could download for end times games only?
3 more end times scenario books coming out before 9th ed will more than likely lead to alot of overhauling of the main 8th ed files. I would think it would be easier to tinker with a separate duplicate file system then to mess with what works.
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