Thread: M&M 3rd ed. Modifying the Grab attack
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Oh, hey, look at that, debug options showing off a lot of things! Now we're talking ... yeah, can you tell I'm *just* starting on this?

Thanks for the tip. With the actual variables shown, I have the feeling I'll be able to do something with it.


I managed to get things working with an alternate way, using an Advantage instead. I based it off Throwing Mastery for the timing, and used this Eval Script:
      ~ If we're not active, get out
      doneif (activated = 0)

      hero.child[wpGrab].field[atkDC].value += field[adRanks].value
Easier for me in the end since the grabbing bonus might come from Strength or Dexterity if Grabbing Finesse is also selected.

That said, mysteriously, copying the Limited to Lifting flaw as is does not reproduce its behavior. It still adds the Strength as if there was no limitation. Is the flaw dealt with as a special case?

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