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I don't have slow down that is notable unless I made changes to the statblock, however that could be because I don't have a large Realm yet.

Since this post, I did changed my mind on using it. While I did find out I can copy and paste an excel sheet into it, that I custom made for this purpose, I rather use external resources in an image format than a document. And might do that for monsters and spells. Might also do it for Bruenor in terms of the Player's Handbook.

I have a similar setup to yours, except Challenge is a tag, and Damage Resistances and Vulnerabilities are both tags and text. This way if I want to find content with those details, its a tag filter away.

Then again, I'm not sure if making "too many tags" is a thing to be concerned about - I hope not, cos I already have a lot of custom made ones ^.^

But thank you very much for the time to post your response, it was greatly appreciated.
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