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Originally Posted by rob View Post
The thinking is that most GMs will spend the first weeks with Realm Works getting their content into it, so player-centric features aren't critical until after the GM starts utilizing RW during play.
Well, this may happen sooner than you think.
For example, I'll be starting a new Dungeon World campaign in april along with another GM.
We will both run our campaigns in his personnal universe, so that both our groups (composed of the same players) will live their adventures at the same time, albeit in different part of his world at first.
On top of that, I'll be a player in his group and he'll be a player in mine.
Unfortunately, he is a Mac owner and doesn't want to invest in Parrallels desktop solution, so he won't be using RW anytime soon.
But I still want to integrate his main NPCs and locations and organizations into my campaign and I'm planning to use a player account (like a journal or diary from the perspective of an external storyteller) in order to do that.
See, there are so many ways to leverage the capabilities of your software, it's mind-boggling
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