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The custom ability I'm working on currently lets you make an unarmed attack that deals damage equal to your Intelligence bonus.

The following tags are present:
Helper.WeaponSpec, wCategory.Unarmed, IsWeapon.wUnarmed,, Helper.AllEqMain, wType.P, wCritMult.2

Now, I know that the editor is looking for a wMain tag to tell it what the damage is, but for this ability, the damage is dynamic, and based only on the hero's INT bonus. There doesn't see to be a wMain.0 tag, so how else can I get the ability to appear on the weapon tab to just list the INT bonus as damage?

<post-attributes, 10000>
~If we're not shown, just get out now
     doneif (tagis[Helper.ShowSpec] <> 1)

~ if we've been disabled, get out now
     doneif (tagis[Helper.SpcDisable] <> 0)

field[abDuration].value += round(field[xTotalLev].value/8,0,-1) + 1

field[abValue].value += hero.childfound[aINT].field[aBonus].value
field[abValue2].value += hero.childfound[aSTR].field[aBonus].value
field[abValue3].value += field[abValue].value - field[abValue2].value

field[dmmBonus].value += field[abValue3].value

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