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Originally Posted by jlong05 View Post
Question, if you have the license for custom content in classic, nothing really stops you from creating the Starfinder ruleset yourself in classic and using it as you have indicated offline, when no internet is available. Is this not accurate? Is there something that would prevent creating HeroLab in Classic(sans the shared Starship functions?) as a character creation tool?
That is absolutely correct. Using the Authoring Kit, anyone could create their own version of the Starfinder game system (or Pathfinder 2nd Edition). And those data files could then be shared with other users. So there is nothing stopping a user-created version of either game system on HLClassic.

That said, I'm guessing most users that are asking for HLClassic support would prefer us to do the work, since it would be a significant effort to put it all together. If it was fast and easy, we would have done it ourselves.
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