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Originally Posted by flyteach View Post
#1. What it boils down to with this is that the rest of your customers get taxed to support Android instead of creating and supporting a tool for that user group. It seems like the licensing cost should go down since your customer base has increased dramatically. But my cost goes up and I get no benefit......I'm not an Android user (anymore).
Bottom line: I can create anywhere with Classic. I'm limited with Online. And, for that, I have increased cost.
Question, if you have the license for custom content in classic, nothing really stops you from creating the Starfinder ruleset yourself in classic and using it as you have indicated offline, when no internet is available. Is this not accurate? Is there something that would prevent creating HeroLab in Classic(sans the shared Starship functions?) as a character creation tool?

The only "hobby" GW is interested in is lining their pockets with your money.
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