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Originally Posted by thaX View Post
Is there any plans for having a mini app to just view a character instead of logging into HLO? Ofcourse, one would need to use this with the export feature that is upcoming, perhaps something that would use less power and resources?
I think the "snapshot" feature we'll be putting into place shortly (#12) ought to provide almost exactly what you're describing. You'll be able to bounce around the existing character freely, with all the data cached locally. So there should be very little power or other resources utilized.

Originally Posted by thaX View Post
Thank you for listing these concerns, and I believe I will eventually purchase this product at some point. Hopefully, the ability to print a filled out character sheet is on the horizon.
Printing is already in place, although it's still a bit rough in places, and there are plenty of improvements we have on our todo list. In the top right corner of HLO, click on the gear icon. You should see a Print option there.

Fair warning: Firefox has some glaring bugs in their printing that Mozilla has elected not to fix for a very long time. Consequently, printing on Firefox is not nearly as nice as on Chrome/Edge/Safari. If you are a Firefox user, like me, you may want to do the actual printing with one of the other browsers. You'll likely get significantly better results.
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