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Since Rob is concentrating on Realm Works right now, and hasn't had enough time to assist the Savage Worlds folks recently, I'll be helping out. I am not familiar with the Savage Worlds game, but I am experienced in Hero Lab (I've built the Cortex, Call of Cthulhu, and Shadowrun games), so I should be able to offer help with any outstanding questions about Savage Worlds.

If you know of any questions that need to be answered, I'd appreciate it if you could bump that thread, or post a link to the thread here, or PM me with the link. If it's a long thread, please point me to exactly where I should look for the issue you're having trouble with.

Please remember that I don't own any Savage Worlds books (I can probably get a hold of many of them if it becomes necessary), so please give me a lot of information about what you're trying to accomplish, and where you're stuck, because I won't be able to look up the rules for myself.
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