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Hi There,

As shown in this thread, I have learned that i can "display" situational bonuses to my skills, such as the +2 to Intimidate and Diplomacy against Lycanthropes that I got from reading the "Prince of Wolves" novel in the Pathfinder Tales.

This same boon, also provides a +2 increase to the DC against intimidation by lycanthropes, that I would like to present near the wisdom ability score (which is how you calculate the intimidate DC). This is much the same as how a Crowbar presents the conditional +2 near the strength ability score. Or how Endurance presents the +4 text near CON.

I don't see a "Situational Ability bonus" like I do for the Situational Skill Bonus.

The only ones I can see are:
  • Armor Class Situational
  • Attack Bonus Situational
  • CMB/CMD Situational
  • Saving Throw Situational
  • Situational Skill Bonus
Any thoughts/solutions for getting a situational bonus to display near the ability scores?
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