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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
No example we've seen before separates those two functions, so we haven't had to make the distinction within Hero Lab, and I'm afraid it will be a long project to do so.
I know, that why I don't ask you to implement this - it's not a common houserule. But anyway, there isn't many field to modify spell DC; changing the attribute tied to a save is more easy (like the Fort save depending on Cha for undead). But I understand that it's not a priority, altering spell DC in this way is not a common thing in the game (unlike changing the attribute of a save).

Originally Posted by ShadowChemosh View Post
In this case couldn't you set the class to use Int for its spellcasting and then somewhere in Final timing go through every spell on the hero and deduct out the Int Bonus to the DC and add back in the Cha to the DC? Should work in theory anyways.
That's what I eventually did, with a mechanic:
if (hero.tagis[Classes.Wizard] <> 0) then
  hero.childfound[cHelpWiz].field[cSplSaveDC].value += hero.child[aCHA].field[aModBonus].value-hero.child[aINT].field[aModBonus].value
(final phase, priority 15000: after the standard DC computation, which is at final phase, priority 10000, but before each spell DC computation; and a source to apply this only in a selected game)
It's probably not the best way to do it, but it seems to be OK.

(I have also looked at the spell focus feat, but for now I don't understand how it works x) )

Now I'm looking for a way of allowing the user to change an automatic bonus feat from races or class; like changing the scribe scroll bonus feat for wizard (without redefining the class), or changing the feats that a derro (or anything else, but I was training myself with derro) gains with his HD. For races, it should be in the main program, since it's not an houserule (some races have racial feats - like skeletons with improved init - , but many of them have only feats from their HD; the feats given in the bestiary are only examples for a typical member of the race, they can be unadapted for a particular NPC).

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