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Indeed, having .user (and other user created game data) files be in the same location as base game data seems to be a requirement with HL currently. One that will hopefully be reconsidered soon.

Last night I decided I'd try putting my game data into Dropbox. After trimming down the unneeded fluff (e.g. game systems I'm not using and import files that have already been applied) it comes to half a gig or so. More than I'd like, but doable.

Unfortunately I didn't think about the fact that it would mean that I'm sharing the .pref file between the two systems and now I'm on a cooldown period for one of my licenses. Hopefully Lonewolf support can fix me up when I get home.

I think I should be able to set up different .pref files to load with the 2 PCs so that I can seamlessly swap between them with Herolab. We'll see.
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