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Due to the severely random nature of this Artifact there was limited development of the "generative" functions of this item in the Client.

First each BoIS has 1d8+22 pages.
Then each Page has a 1-100 Percentile roll to contain either a Divine or Arcane spell.
Then Each Spell is supposed to be "Randomly" determined although it fails to note which sources these Spells should come from, the Core Rules, ALL PF 1st Party Spells, etc.
Then when a given page is Generated and then Used there is a variable chance that the page will disappear permanently.

For now I personally advise making sure your have the Artifact Description included in the Character Sheet Printout and working together with your GM at the table to generate which spells are on which pages, and the like, as HLC isn't able to properly make the relevant decisions involved with them item. Being as powerful as it is, I think it's probably best for GMs to take responsibility for the Tracking features of the Item if they choose to use it for their game.

I hope this helps, sorry we don't have a built in function for this item as you asked.

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