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Your examples:

The only reason all instances of "temperance" would be linked including those in "sons of temperance" is because you had set it to auto. That is your own fault. Auto is a bad idea. You should always manually review every link. This is one of the main reason I'm very skeptical of the CSV tool. You dump so much material into RW at once it is too tempting to simply auto accept all the links.

Links to topics and articles with the same name. Again would never happen except by auto linking. I have many cases of the same name in my realm, even topics with the same name, and I have never felt the need for this.

Adding an article to a topic name? Either you do or you don't do this. Again this is only a problem if you have imported a lot of text you didn't author yourself by a tool that let you do it without even reading the material.

The problem boils down to you misused the bulk import tools provided by someone else and now you have a realm that is a mess and you want the devs to give you the tools to get you out of it. Since the rest of us are waiting for other features we've needed for years that would make running our games better and make actually using RW in the ways most of use RW better I don't think this feature should ever be a priority.

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