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Below are some examples from a realm, that i am working on for 6 months. I hope I am clear enough, as i had no sleep and soon my mind will shut down. I work in the IT and if I have to do a task more than once I will script it. Here the same principle applies. Realm Works is already having a fabulous foundation to implementing it again (we agree that there is already bulk prune and tag).

Example 1: You have article named "Temperance". Later you add second one named "Sons of Temperance".

Unfortunately you have many topics that already contain the string "sons of temperance", but only "temperance" is linked as it was the only article existing back then.

This makes the links wrong and you want to fix it. If I have to do it once or twice - sure. But when it comes to dozens of pages - not so OK.

Example 2: In the life of your realm, you might end up creating articles with the same name - one in Mechanical section, one in the World section. Again, because you created those at different times and the linking was done in a mixed way, you want to make the links "right" and prune.

Example 3: Same as above, but you rename article and add "the" in front (or other stuffs). If you allow RW to automatically change the link in hundreds of articles, you are screwed, as there will be for sure another "the" here and there. Better wait 5 min to rescan the whole thing than suffer the manual link fix.

On example 3 i can copy the original article, delete it and rename the copy of it. This is dirty trick that does not scale well.

I hope I managed to make you see my point of view

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