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I looked at Aeon Timeline twice with a couple of years between - at those times I found that it didn't really allow custom calendars - or at least not in a way that made it worthwhile.

If I remember correctly, you could only make one custom calendar and not having several calendars at the same time. And the one custom calendar was pretty limited in how "strange" you could make it.

Having skimmed through the manual of the present version right now it doesn't seem to have changed.

But there is a possibility to download the program and try it out for a period of time before you have to decide whether to invest in it or stop using it.

I suggest that Conandy tries the program before buying - then he can see if the program does what he wants.

And ks666:
I might have been a little too abrupt in my first posting re. Aeon Timeline; my fault. - However, after having skimmed the latest manual it still seems that the program is not really the answer to the calendar needs - at least not mine.

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