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I personally don't really want full VTT functionality. I have maptool for that. But often players are on one map, say a battle map or town map on the table. And they are discussing travelling to another town or area in the world, so want to see the distances and estimate travel time. So I pull up that map in the player view in RW. But the RW tools for manipulating and zooming and scrolling around a smart image are non-user friendly at best. All I really want is to be able to click on a couple points and have RW, based on the map scale I set for that image when it was loaded, tell me the distance, in miles.

That seems a far cry from actual VTT functionality. In concept at least (I won't speak for programming) it is quite simple. Set 2 points on the file (pixels) and define a "scale distance" and let RW determine from that what actual distances are as a simple multiplication or division of that number of pixels apart when you grab points later and ask it the distance.

Problem is that even if a smart image has a scale printed on it, there is really no way to grab the scale and apply it to the rest of the map in any practical way, especially if the map is zoomed in to a part that doesn't show the map scale.

The point of RW is to NOT have to have printed materials next to me. Right now if I want to accomplish what I said above, I would need, a printed map, an architects or engineers scale, or divider, next to me if I want to get distances off of it (assuming no hexes or anything printed on the map).
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