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<value id="skCarbine" name="Carbines"/>
<value id="skDodge" name="Dodge"/>
<value id="skExplsves" name="Explosives"/>
<value id="skHvyWeap" name="Heavy Weapons"/>
<value id="skLongGun" name="Long Gun"/>
<value id="skMelee" name="Melee"/>
<value id="skPistol" name="Pistols"/>
<value id="skScatter" name="Scatterguns"/>
<value id="skStaWeap" name="Stationed Weapons"/>
<value id="skThrown" name="Thrown Weapons"/>
<value id="skChem" name="Chemistry"/>
<value id="skCompute" name="Computers"/>
<value id="skEcon" name="Economics"/>
<value id="skEng" name="Engineering"/>
<value id="skExpSci" name="Experimental Sciences"/>
<value id="skHistory" name="History"/>
<value id="skInsight" name="Insight"/>
<value id="skMech" name="Mechanic"/>
<value id="skMedic" name="Medicine"/>
<value id="skRes" name="Research"/>
<value id="skXeno" name="Xenobiology"/>
<value id="skAirVeh" name="Air Vehicles"/>
<value id="skAthlete" name="Athletics"/>
<value id="skEndure" name="Endurance"/>
<value id="skGrndVeh" name="Ground Vehicles"/>
<value id="skLarceny" name="Larceny"/>
<value id="skPercept" name="Perception"/>
<value id="skSpcVeh" name="Space Vehicles"/>
<value id="skStealth" name="Stealth"/>
<value id="skWatVeh" name="Water Vehicles"/>
<value id="skContract" name="Contracts"/>
<value id="skDeceive" name="Deceive"/>
<value id="skEmpathy" name="Empathy"/>
<value id="skInspire" name="Inspire"/>
<value id="skIntim" name="Intimidate"/>
<value id="skNegot" name="Negotiate"/>
<value id="skPerform" name="Perform"/>
<value id="skWillpow" name="Willpower"/>
Unless you mean the identity elements in the Skill, in which case they are the following:
<!-- Each skill needs its own identity tag so existing skills can be identified during advancement -->
<identity group="Skill"/>

<!-- Each skill can also be selected as a background/command package/race bonus.
This bonus does count against the maximum at character creation. -->
<identity group="SkillBonus"/>
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