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What I'm trying to implement is in the first code block and the following text. The Chaplain package offers :
  • +2 Skill Bonuses to Dodge and History
  • a History (Religion) Specialty
  • +2 to either Inspire or Perform
  • +2 to any one Combat skill

Right now, the +2 Skill bonus to Dodge and History work (but don't show up in my list). The specialty works as-is, but I can't get it implemented in the Editor so far (most examples using Tags). The choice between Inspire and Perform works for the most part (there are some odd glitches when the change cross the min-max border as documented in one of my other posts) and show up. And I'm still puzzling out a good way to set up the +2 to a combat skill so that I don't have to spell out the choices.

I basically have two questions:
1) What is the difference between "tag" and "autotag"? Does autotag create the tag in question before adding it?
2) Why isn't the skBonuses table showing the Dodge and History items?
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