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Originally Posted by musquetaire View Post
Here's a thought: I'd like to pay for this, for instance using paypal.
I'd be happy to pay up to $40, and I'm sure there's others like me.

Can you feel our pain?
For one, I don't have a paypal account at all. I don't even buy stuff from ebay to be honest.

For a second thing, I'd not accept money for it personally as I don't want WotC/Hasbro coming after me since I'm not holding an official license for the data either.

Third, I'm still cranking on it as I get time to do so. I just don't have the hours of free time to sit down with the data and work on it at this time. It's still got a pretty decent list of things yet to be done. I've done all the simple things but I still have a few complicated tasks I need to get done before I could say its usable. Right now I would not call what I have done usable (which I already saw enough arguing over on the 5e SRD threads). I will not make available unfinished code. That's just not how I roll folks. I want this to at least be usable before making a release of it officially. Character sheets are still not finished to my liking. I am working on it but its not a simple process to get through. There are still many hours of tinkering to be done (and that's not even including statblock output). It's pretty far along but not something I'm comfortable with releasing. I will make it known when its done though. That is one thing people don't need to worry about it. Once I have it done I will make it known that it is, in fact, finished.

For one thing, I've been rethinking magic weapons and armor after some talks with Mathias. I may just have one table in the end with magic gear listed under its own heading but all weapons and armor having the ability to edit and add enchantments. It's something I am considering at this time because it would simplify the interface a lot just having one table, but this little change will take me a bit of time to do. I still have a few things to work on, but this is something that's likely to happen first as it will be easier to do. I've been leaving the harder things off until my skills improved a bit.


Please do not PM me to inquire about datafiles I coded "for personal use" such as Exalted, World of Darkness, AD&D, or Warhammer 40K Roleplaying. I appreciate your interest, but I do not own the Intellectual Property rights to these game systems. Nor do I have permission from any of the Publishers to distribute the data files. As such, I cannot distribute the work I have done with community on these files. They are "for personal use" only. Thank you.

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