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It's clear that lone wolf is biased about this - look at the newsletter:
"If you’re playing Kings of War 2nd Edition to satisfy your need for a good fantasy miniatures game, we have some great news!"

No, we have been playing a GREAT fantasy game, Age of Sigmar, about a couple times a week, and having a fantastic time, all "need" satisfied, and we have no desire to go backwards. We have already increased the community here in NYC from a dismal death spiral to worrying about if we have enough tables to cover all the people.

All the many games you support, and this is clearly some sort of emotional outburst, and you will lose customers, but maybe you don't care.

It's one small part of Army Builder to sum the points. There was an opportunity here to provide different roster breakdowns, summary reports would be extremely useful. The comments above are disappointing. I would have loved to use army builder to set up my armies, get a summary, etc., and recommend it to my friends so we can review our rosters easily - the same way we used it for 8th edition.

I guess it's pointless, you clearly have made up your mind to ignore a game that is growing in popularity every day - I'll delete my Army Builder, unfortunately I cannot get a refund on the three licenses I had bought.
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