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Originally Posted by jjashley View Post
Can you give an example of one of the weapons?

"Bladed Boomerang"
5gp, 1d6 Slashing, 2 lbs.
Finesse, Light, Thrown (Range 30/120), Returning*
*Returning: If you make a ranged attack with a returning weapon and miss, you catch it at the end of your turn if you still have a free hand. Returning weapons need lots of space to bank and return to the thrower. There must be no obstructions (such as walls or trees) in a circle around the target of diameter equal to the distance to the target.

"Stiletto Knife"
4gp, 1d4 Piercing, 1 lb.
Finesse, Light, Thrown (20/60), Hidden*, Undersized**
*Hidden: A weapon with the hidden property is designed to be easily concealed by the holder. If you have proficiency with a hidden weapon you also gain advantage on checks with Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) to hide the weapon.
**Undersized: A weapon with the undersized property is particularly small. They can be easily hidden, and are favored by tiny races.
An undersized one-handed weapon is considered to be a light weapon (PHB p. 147). A Tiny creature can wield an undersized weapon in their off-hand and use it when two-weapon fighting.
An undersized two-handed weapon can be used by a Tiny creature without taking Disadvantage on their attack rolls.

These are just 2 of them. Adding Qualities (Or Properties depending on how you say it...) is just a bit beyond my grasp right now.
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