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For on the fly NPC's, check the stock portfolios. They have the whole NPC Codex programmed in. Pregens in the form of the Pathfinder Iconics are also already there. Just go to "open portfolio" and look in the Pathfinder folder.

No, there isn't a "random" generation method, but with 3.x/Pathfinder, to work well, it's gonna have to be very limited and basically make the same 11 (or whatever number of base classes you use) characters over and over again, or you're gonna have to risk most of your randomly generated NPC's to be completely unusable random garbage.

I've wanted a similar capacity in the past myself, but the more I thought about it, the NPC codex stock portfolios, the GameMastery Guide stock portfolios (which you have to buy the GameMastery Guide data set for), and the Iconics for pregens cover just about anything I'd need, and if it doesn't, Hero Lab is wonderful for whipping up an NPC in a few minutes while you keep playing with your group. Even high(er) levels don't necessarily take that long, if you've got a strong concept in mind.
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