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Combining the Animal Companion and Arcane Familiar in the prestige class of Arcane Hierophant. The Companofam (nice combo huh?) is a little off when i use this. I am wondering if there ever was a solution to it? I did some searching and found some posts speaking about it from Sendric and a few others, but unsure if there was a solution that works later in the game files, like now.

When take the PrC, I cannot seem to release my arcane familiar and my animal companion does get some of the benefits, but not all. It is missing the feat Alertness (the arcane familiar gets it), the Int seems to be a few levels behind (5th level Druid, 3rd level Wizard, 2nd level Arcane Hierophant). So the Familiar traits should be based off of a 5th level Wizard, but the Int is only 6 (instead of 8) and isn't showing all of the qualities that a familiar will have. The qualities I don't mind about, it is the Int mainly.

Anyone else have this problem? I also created a level 1 wizard and added a Hawk as the familiar, and the hawks Int is 10. Could there be something I am missing in setting it as the familiar? I am adding it through the Wizard tab.

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