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Originally Posted by McTaff View Post
Sometimes I wish they could have another round of Kickstarter to fund all this other widget gizmo stuff, because now I'm in a position to hop on board with some cash.
Throwing money or people at a project does not mean the project gets done faster. In example if I put 2,700 women in a room I don't get a baby in one day.

New people to a project actually "slows" a project down why time/resources are spent getting the new programmer up to speed. In very custom built software areas like RW it could take as long as 6 months before that new programmer is not a drain on resources. This is why when the RW team actually lost a programmer they where not replaced. It would have just made things worse.

I see people mention "kickstarter" allot for this stuff and don't think they realize it is not some magical savior of IT projects. It works great for building a large sum of money to pay a Manufacturing Plant that already has its dies built and ready to go. Then yes the Manufacturing plant can mass produce the product.

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