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Hey there,

Any time you might run into something like this please do reach out to us via the LWD support email address, I'm linking that below, we will be able to assess what is going on and get a kind of paper trail rolling to document the specific issue and conflicting options that aren't meshing together. When you would do so including a copy of the Character Sheet PDF, the URL from the Address Bar when the Character is open, and maybe even some screenshots to showcase exactly what you're seeing can help us hone in on the issue and really does help the team out immensely.

If you do message us about this, or really any other issue, getting it into our hands via support email really is the best way as we have a newer and dedicated sort of pipeline to get that into the hand of our authors and devs versus these forums which, admittedly, has seen better days given the post reply issues and database errors, to say the least.

Ryan Furnas
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