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The example code shown above provides a Wizard with Spot, Speak Languages, and Listen as cross-class skills that can be bought at the class skill rate. In other words, a Wizard's max ranks here are at the cross-class limit, but the cost to buy those skills cost only 1 skill point for 1 rank.

As that stands, this works perfectly. So a 4th level Wizard can buy 3 ranks in Spot, Speak Languages, or Listen (his cross-class maximum) but only spend 3 skill points to get the 3 ranks. So that works. The rub is, say, I want to take a level in Fighter, now the fighter has some of his cross-class skills to do the same. However, Speak Languages should be bought by the Fighter strictly as a cross-class skill (2 skill points = 1 rank), but since the Wizard code applies across the hero, the Fighter is able to still buy the ranks in Fighter just like a Wizard does. I need to make it so that the Fighter is back to buying that strictly as a cross-class skill.

So, in other words, I need to be able to indicate to this script when I am in the specified class so that I know all skill purchases in said class that the code segment applies to are not being applied across the hero (and thus to other classes). The code "for each pick in hero..." would work much better if it was something like "for each pick in <current class> ..." where <current class> is the class using its skill points. If the <current class> applies to the code segment, otherwise it doesn't. That way, I can keep the code in one class from applying across the hero (and thusly to all other classes).

I'm not sure that is clear enough, since the concept doesn't exist outside of my own game. I my game, I have house ruled that certain skills are general skills to certain classes. Wizards have Listen, Speak Languages, and Spot as general skills (cost of class skill, maximum ranks of a cross-class skill). If this is not clear enough, I will try to submit a specific example later. Just let me know.
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