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Ok thanks Duggan for the post! Seems they have a decent idea (good time/resource wise) to this problem.

As a suggestion though, people will still want to add custom/fan-made content so perhaps a contractor service through the volunteers and/or a quarterly forum thread hosting a formated submission log of user files to be tested prior to acceptance to HLO server. This would also help in reducing the amount of submissions and would allow more communal working with VDFC's and LoneWolf development. I for one am better for testing then creating, but I have made my own datasets.

Considering the risk involved it would be the cheaper solution to such an endeavor. However I am really looking forward to the additional flexibilities being offered as I personally like being able to mod a character caused by DM ruling without needing to resort to the editor (this is rare in my case)!

Forum link for my content work:
Pathfinder Thread
Forum link for SU 5e content work:
5e Steven Universe Thread
This link is for my group, but feel free to play it with:
DMM 5e | "" Copy this link to your update manager to get updates when available.
This adds the Pisky subrace to elves from Berserk! and additional subraces for the Gem Race.
Please post comments in the provided threads above.
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