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Originally Posted by Venger View Post
Hello Jamz
Thank you for pointing this out. Im currently setting up to play 5e, and learning Melek's framework, and using bobfile tokens

If I get what you are saying, maptool can parse the .por files and bring in data into token properties to be manipulated by the framework?

If that's so, is there a 5e framework that does this?
Sadly, my macro skills are minimal.
Not that I'm aware of? Those frameworks would need to create an importer to bring in the data and match it up with the property names that they use in that framework. AFAIK you have to recreate your characters in that framework but I could be wrong (I only play Pathfinder so haven't played with those frameworks)

As Duggan said, it's just a zip file and that's basically what MT is doing. It uzips the .por file and creates a MT Token embedded with the images and 3 statblocks that are in the .por file for each character, as well as create a link back to that file so you can just hit refresh to get the latest statblocks/images.

If you drag you token to MT you will see a Hero Lab tab with that info.

I suggest joining the MapTool Discord server and hit Melek up and see if he's willing to do this. He may need sample .por files as well...

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