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FWIW MapTool can auto create tokens using artwork from the portfolio and bring in the three statblocks. This can all be refreshed via the ui or via macros.

From there it is up the the user/framework to do what they wish with the data.

And yes, although not 100% complete the xml data is far more useful than the statblock and there are built in xpath too make it easier.

You can view my PF1 framework for examples what is possible.
Hello Jamz
Thank you for pointing this out. Im currently setting up to play 5e, and learning Melek's framework, and using bobfile tokens

If I get what you are saying, maptool can parse the .por files and bring in data into token properties to be manipulated by the framework?

If that's so, is there a 5e framework that does this?
Sadly, my macro skills are minimal.
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