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Here is the Tutorial text in full, the step in question highlighted in red

In this tutorial, we're going to add a new Ranged Weapon, a shuriken.
This is a simple Ranged Weapon that doesn't have many features, but once you know how to set up the basic elements of a Ranged Weapon, you can go back and customize it to your own desires.
This tutorial assumes you're familiar with the contents of the first, second, and third tutorials, in which you added a Race, a Creature Type, and then an Edge. If you haven't made yourself familiar with these, you might want to check them out first.

Loading the Editor
As usual, load the editor from the Hero Lab "Tools" menu and re-open the "tutorial" file that we've been working on so far. We'll add our Ranged Weapon to this file.

Create a Ranged Weapon
Switch to the "Ranged Weapon" tab. Create a new, blank Ranged Weapon, by clicking the "New (Blank)" button below the empty list. As before, fill in a Name (Shuriken), Unique Id (prefixed with a "wp" in this case, so wpShuriken), and a description.
Give it a short name. In this case, shuriken is short enough already, not really a need to shorten it.

Select the Weapon Type this is going to be. This is a Medieval Ranged Weapon, so Medieval Ranged is the proper choice.

Select the Weapon Damage value. This is a Thrown Weapon, so it will be based on Strength. These are small, so let's use Str+d4.

Enter any applicable Attack Bonus, positive or negative. A shuriken has no special effect as far as this goes, so we can leave this blank.

Enter any applicable Damage Bonus, positive or negative. A shuriken has no special effect as for this, either, so we can leave this blank, too.

Enter a Strength Requirement Die if not using a Weapon Die. Shuriken are light and easy to use, so we can leave this blank.

Enter the weapons Short Range. This has slightly more range than a thrown knife (more aerodynamic) so let's use 4.

Enter the weapons Medium Range. This is usually twice the short range, so let's use 8.

Enter the weapons Short Range. This is usually twice the medium range, so let's use 16.

Enter the amount of Armor Piercing done by the Weapon. A shuriken doesn't do any armor piercing, so we can leave this blank.

Enter the number of action required to reload. This is a thrown weapons, and doesn't need loading, so leave this blank/

Enter the Rate of Fire of the Weapon. You can only throw one a round per hand, so this is a 1, and can be left alone.

Enter the number of shots before reloading, No reload for a shuriken, so no shots. This is blank, too.

Enter the ammunition size, if applicable. This one doesn't use ammunition, so this is also blank.

If the Weapon has any Special Traits, click on the Edit button and select the check boxes next to the applicable entries and click OK.
A shuriken has 1 special trait, so click the edit button and check the box next to Thrown, then click OK.

Enter the cost of the Weapon. It's about the same as a throwing knife, but perhaps just a bit more. We'll call it $30.

Enter the Weapon’s weight. This is why. We'll say it's lighter than a throwing knife, so .75 lbs.

Indicate if the Weapon requires two Hands. This is a one-handed weapon. So we can leave this unchecked.
Enter any Special Behaviors for the Weapon. No special behavior for a shuriken.

Indicate if this is a Natural Attack. This isn't a natural attack and this can be left alone.

Indicate if the User should not be able to see this Weapon (useful for NPC-only items). We want players to be able to see this, so we can leave this unchecked as well.

Indicate if this should be treated as/included with the Standard Gear. This applies if the GM is using the "No Standard Gear" tag. Since we are adding this as the GM, we'll leave this blank as unneeded.

Then select a source for your Ranged Weapon as before. Let's use the "tutorial" source like we did for the Edge and Race we created. Then save the record, and save the data file.
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