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A bit of advice from personal experience, stick with implementing the tutorial the first time. I tried to also start setting up my game system and the amount of confusion it cost me was almost palpable. Also, the tutorial is not always correct. We've had a few threads from people running through it pointing out cases where it gives a less than efficient implementation, uses old methods, refers to items implemented later in the tutorial, or just flat out has bad code.

Honestly, it's not that bad... it's usually pretty easy to suss out why something isn't working, and you'll learn efficiencies later, but I find that setting expectations lower helps so that you come into it with an attitude of "Oh, well they told me there'd be bugs, and the procedure they're calling is implemented further down the page, so that's not that bad" instead of "OMG! This code doesn't work! What did I pay for?!" We're always glad to help around here.
Yes sir I concur, the tutorial.You know whats kind of funny? I named my tut file, TutUncommon, hah! play on words and scary dusty HL mummies

I've had to workout a couple issues, something like a circular infinite loop for one tut, already "into the infinite" here lol, but I worked it out, and learned more in the process.
And yeah, throwing expectations out before even starting is best.

I don't want to impose my own limitations upon this software!

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