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Venger, I wanted to make sure you've actually gotten the correct product. What game system are you creating in Hero Lab? The Authoring Kit is for creating entirely new game systems from scratch, and is not needed to edit existing game systems. The way you're talking about what you want to add, it sounds like you want to edit PF1 or 5e, not create a new game system. If so, the authoring kit changes nothing about what you can do on an existing system, so you should probably contact support - we offer full refunds within 60 days.
Mathias, thats the most incredible thing I've heard. Now, Thats customer support
So, I want to work with 5e characters mostly.
But, I want the ability to try new things. There's a freebie game system we've been tossing around, DeadSimpleRPG, I might attempt to tackle after the Tuts, and we've actually been doing work on a spreadsheet for a simple space combat game with a set of 2d tactical space/flying rules. Perhaps I'll fiddle with it in HL. Would sure make playtesting easier

I don't know how far I'll get along, but I will keep the AK, and if I fail to do more than cobble some crap, then consider my purchase a contribution to two tools to enhance our gaming, HL and for a long time RW

And if I'm more successful than that, then all the better, I will have some more useful tools in my bag of tricks.I think I will make good use from what I can learn

Thank you

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