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Venger, I wanted to make sure you've actually gotten the correct product. What game system are you creating in Hero Lab? The Authoring Kit is for creating entirely new game systems from scratch, and is not needed to edit existing game systems. The way you're talking about what you want to add, it sounds like you want to edit PF1 or 5e, not create a new game system. If so, the authoring kit changes nothing about what you can do on an existing system, so you should probably contact support - we offer full refunds within 60 days.

Originally Posted by Venger View Post
Yay! Thank you, misery loves company!
I bought in, and thus far the underdark is not so bad, but it is tricky, there are footfalls along the way..

i.e. I'm doing the tuts and mistrust myself when the Tut mentions something that hasn't been presented before, like the mention of bootstraps in Tut #2
I'm on Tut #6 and still haven't seen bootstrap's, bootstraps
So I retrace my steps, looking for secrets I might have missed, and there are many winding passages and earthly distractions.
I don't know what Picks are either but I know they are a thing, well maybe not a "thing", you get my point, and I'll get there by & by

Regarding the tuts, I've gathered all work is focused on dev and I'm good with that. Carry on.
Having a place here to ask for help is great
I continue on yet undaunted

I do have a noob question, possibly jumping the gun but I want to know
How deep does the AK go? Can I eventually get to the point of creating/editing my own tabs and fields, or are the ones presented sort of hardcoded and that's what I have to work with? (which is amazing)
Is there yet a deeper darker place learned sages go that allow them to alter the fabric of reality? (aside from HL program language level code which is for Wizards, I'm not worthy)
What if I wanted a PC who could possess multiple items that each had their own AC,HP, and what if manually tracking them was fine by me?
Could the learned sage do this?

(pardon the metaphors its just fun, humor an old man)
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