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Originally Posted by Venger View Post
i.e. I'm doing the tuts and mistrust myself when the Tut mentions something that hasn't been presented before, like the mention of bootstraps in Tut #2
I'm on Tut #6 and still haven't seen bootstrap's, bootstraps
So I retrace my steps, looking for secrets I might have missed, and there are many winding passages and earthly distractions.
I don't know what Picks are either but I know they are a thing, well maybe not a "thing", you get my point, and I'll get there by & by
It doesn't hurt to quickly read through the Basic Concepts and Terminology page. Yes, it would be good if things got described in the tutorial, but we have to work with what we have. In general, the search engine on the wiki is pretty good about recognizing these topics when you type them in. Some of the functions and macros are a bit trickier since they're not always indexed, but fortunately, the IDs tend to be more unique for the functions, and the macros are generally findable via a Files search on a given project.

Originally Posted by Venger View Post
I do have a noob question, possibly jumping the gun but I want to know
How deep does the AK go? Can I eventually get to the point of creating/editing my own tabs and fields, or are the ones presented sort of hardcoded and that's what I have to work with? (which is amazing)
Is there yet a deeper darker place learned sages go that allow them to alter the fabric of reality? (aside from HL program language level code which is for Wizards, I'm not worthy)
Creating your own tabs and fields is no problem, and is covered in the tutorial. I believe you can do 95-98% of the system just using the Authoring Kit and available documentation. There are a few undocumented features, and I think there's occasional features for the published dataset that involves them going into the actual code for the engine to add a feature. It's more than enough for us mortals.

Originally Posted by Venger View Post
What if I wanted a PC who could possess multiple items that each had their own AC,HP, and what if manually tracking them was fine by me?
Could the learned sage do this?
Yes. You could either track those as their own fields as objects, or go the extra step and defined them as minions of a special type.
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