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Hello gurus
I just bought HLC week before last, its great. been playing with DnD 5e and I want to go deeper now, I want to explore.
fate is cruel. Its inevitable
yet another ambitious noob looking for the easy way around the underdark

But I'm not your typical noob, well, yeah, I am, but that's beside the point...

I am a researching noob, that will actually try stuff before giving up and asking for directions. I am worthy
So I guess that makes me a tenacious noobius maximus, ubernoob

Anyway, where the hell is the link for this mysterious authoring kit Ive heard tell about? The great sage Google will not reveal it, it is that secret but makes me even more determined

I've heard its not for the timid, and that's ok. I'm not scared away easily.
I've managed to hack some code to useful effect in RPTools Maptool, and VisualBasic and tho I'm no code guru, I'm not scared to hack a line if I understand what it does, and sometimes even when I don't.

I haven't found the AK link, and it does not bode well, for if I cant even find the door, what the helll, am I gonna do once in the dungeon!

anyway, one noob step at a time. I d/l the unauthorized HL Ak manual by Noctifier and pouring over it, I like unauthorized stuff.

How do I find/access/unlock the AK so I can buy it and enter the HL underground and be humbled like a good noob should, and rise to my own level of incompetence with this awesome software!


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