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I see a few issues here...

- The text in Legacy of Dragons is missing the information of what this racial trait replaces.

- The Pazio Rules forums indicate this was errata'ed in Pathfinder Society, so that it is supposed to replace Elven Magic. This isn't official errata and only applies officially if you're running PFS.

- I also own the Legacy of Dragons data pack. Created a new elf character, and confirmed this data pack was checked. Did not see the Dragon Magic alternate racial trait.

With all of that, I would recommend that you submit this as a bug report to LW.

Don't expect this to be updated anytime soon. LW appears to be focusing on their online properties, mostly ignoring their HLC customers. The last update was in December 2019. The previous update was April 2019. To put into a better perspective, LW released books 1-3 of the Tyrant's Grasp Adventure Path with the December 2019 update (8 months after the release of book 3 from Paizo). They haven't released the final 3 books of the Tyrant's Grasp Adventure Path, which is almost a year now since those were released.

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