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Originally Posted by Krothos View Post
It would appear the Greater Power Attack is still not working after patch 13.22, even its notes specifically indicate it should.

Created a 15th level Two-Handed Fighter with 14 Strength and +3 in Fighter Training: Heavy Blades. Using a bastard sword 2-handed only gives +18 to damage (+3 Str, +12 Power Attack, +3 Fighter Training). The Power Attack bonus should be +16 with the Greater Power Attack. This was done after applying 13.22 update and creating a new character.

I'll report it as a bug. Just mentioning it here so others are aware.
Did some further testing and found reinstalling HL as new corrected this problem. Not sure how my data file got corrupted to prevent 13.22 from applying it corrections completely, but it seems Greater Power Attack is now working as expected.

So, if your data and numbers aren't adding up, maybe it's time to reinstall the software.
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