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Hm. Took me awhile to figure out that purchasing modules from LWD required logging into my account first. I went to the Store link but there's nothing there except the main products. I finally went to the News & Announcements, clicked to read about one of the HL add-on products, then clicked the link to see the details of the add-on. That's when it asked me to login. Then I saw the list of add-ons.

(Sorry, I'm clearly a newbie when it comes to navigating their web site! When I bought HL, I bought the books I wanted and never went back to look for anything again.)

Anyway, the LWD list of add-ons does clearly state what the required books are.

One thing I appreciate, is that books already owned show up in red when looking at the bundles. That's very helpful in determining whether to purchase the bundle or buy a few additional books. Bravo on that!
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