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Originally Posted by evildmguy View Post

Thanks for the comments.

1 - Hmm. I think I tried it a bit bigger but then it got distorted and didn't look as good. I can play around with it some more.
If you shorten it and make it taller that might help.

2 - My thinking here was to do the in game tab as you can track ammo that way. But I do need to get that to print out on the sheet.
I can see that since ammo takes up a lot of space. Even if it's just a box that says how much you have and an empty box next to it so you can track it, that would be useful.

3 - Hmm. On the perks and flaws. Have to take a look at that as they are working for me. Do you have an example of one that doesn't work?
I think they're working but I meant to print out what they actually do so that the players know when they apply. Right now they are no descriptions.

4 - No, I did not implement cybernetic slots. It's on the todo list.
Cool. This is an easy one for us to do on our own for right now.

5 - I have played with this a lot. I think it was early and I haven't revisited it as I have some ideas how to make it work. However, I want to make sure we are on the same page. What special abilities are you wanting to show up?
Things like species abilities and any special abilities from professions or skill ranks (that may be something a long way off). Just the descriptions. For example, the t'sa's natural armor doesn't show up at all.

6 - Yes, darn it. Or, at least, I haven't found a way to control things beyond page two. It seems to be all auto handled? Yet their Shadowrun print outs would indicate otherwise. But that's low priority at the moment!
I haven't seen the Shadowrun stuff. I know that if you created your own character sheet you could have more control. I have no idea how to do that and you have a lot already to do so this isn't a priority.

Very awesome that you are introducing more to Alternity! That's awesome! I hope they enjoy it.
So far they are enjoying it. The character sheet really helps them out quite a bit. Because everyone is using the same sheet, they are able to help each other out too.

My schedule is looking tight for the next month. October is shaping up to be quite busy. I will keep everyone posted on what I get done, though, as usual.
No problem. Mine is getting chaotic because I work in health care and it's cough and cold season plus flu shots. This means I am really tired when I get home. I then go from this to the holiday season (I work in a retail pharmacy) so I expect to be exhausted. I will keep plugging away slowly on getting the books entered for you though. Anything that I can do to lighten your load I think is a good thing.


No, thank you. You're doing a lot of hard work that I don't understand at all. It's because of you that I can get a decent game going.
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